About Us

Durable Architecture

A Group of young and experienced professionals design in our modern, multi-talented and expert organization. Since 1987, our office has produced architectural designs already for more than 5000 project .

Partner and Pioneer

We offer architectural design services as experts of built-up environment and as partners. Our mode of operation is based on an ethically and ecologically sustainable way of serving as a reliable design partner. We have the most up-to-date design methods and cooperative networks at our disposal, and they help us consider alternative solutions from operational and economic angles. We are forerunners in virtual design. As consultants equipped we offer comprehensive services to our clients .Our organisation is associated with highly qualified Architects and Engineers with whom we work in close coordination for auxiliary services in the field of structural systems, electrical services , lighting design , communication systems plumbing and waste management , air conditioning , temperature control, landscape and environmental designs.

Chiusura brand

Phenomenally we deliver acceptable Architectural solutions in line with

"Time” “Space” and “Economy”

Our Vision

The” Humanitarian” values and “Architectural” forms while encounters with the circumstances,under the creative will of the architect, leads to the "Design."


  • Understanding the clients requirements.
  • Visiting and evaluating site.
  • Conceptual planning in adherence to client requirements.
  • Preparation of final scheme drawing.
  • Preparation of perspective drawings to facilitate client perception of project.
  • Project specification and cost estimation.

  • Project optimization through material selection and scheduling
  • Submission drawings for statuary approval
  • Preparation of working drawings for execution
  • Co-ordination & furnishing of drawings from other agencies involved in the project.
  • Checking and certifying bills submitted by contractors.
  • Supervision of construction for quality control till completion.(divide into two equal halves)

Sustainable Architectural Solutions

Our programmatic approach is always to have updated knowledge with inborn and deep-rooted traditional concepts with respect to the context and clients aspirations. .

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